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Wake Up Your Magic is like a three-legged stool supported by mutually dependent premises integral to MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE Our unique approach taps into life's changing solutions blocked by the logical mind yet awakened by our process.

Your Cells and the MIGHTY Crayon

A Creative Guide for Joyful Living is jam-packed with nudges, quotes, stats, research, and playful illustrations just for YOU! This whimsical fella is here to celebrate you, cheering you on to a better life through prompts, statistics, stories, and testimonials to lessen stress, raise energy, and pave the way for new opportunities.

For ages 15-115

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And When Two or More

Are Gathered Together,

Miracles Happen.

The Winning Duo - The Fast Track To Your Dreams


The MIGHTY Crayon Circle Guide

Your group facilitation guide to make your dreams come true!

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See a snapshot of the 30-page

Circle Guide

to run or start

a powerful group!

The MIGHTY Crayon


Changes Lives

Loves You

Run or start a 6-week group with this step-by-step ready set go Facilitator Guide filled with time-tested suggestions, and activities to tap into answers the logical mind can never envision!

Why YOU?

  • You are looking for themes, answers, and ideas that the same oh same has not found
  • You don’t know where to turn
  • You want something lighthearted to share with your colleagues either around the conference or coffee table beyond what we are TOLD we MUST do
  • You want to grow your company’s hopes and wishes beyond one's wildest dreams

What Each Participant Should Have:

-A creative notebook

-A copy of Your Cells and The MIGHTY Crayon

-A creative guide to joyful living

-Page by page, nudge by nudge

-Bring your imagination and your favorite magic marker

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‘Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.’ - Al Hirshfeld

Adults tend to lose their childlike nature as they get older due to having more responsibilities and stresses. The MIGHTY Crayon Book is here to remind you and give you permission to be playful again.

Wake Up Your Magic Success Stories:

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I bought all of Susan's four books in the last eight years. She's always inspirational and life-changing.

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The MIGHTY Crayon book provides a source of inspiration throughout the year! I love the quote on Creative Nudge #5 "You've got to ask! Asking is, in my opinion, the world's most powerful - and neglected secret to success and happiness".

Linda S.

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SuZ's mentoring and books woke me up. I now see life as a whole instead of in separate segments as a professional dancer and artist/sculptor.

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"The minute I saw SuZ's Wake Up Your Magic Heal from Within Communities, and TV Show, I knew that she is a 'rare light' emulating extraordinary and gentle healing."


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Meet SuZ, the Author

A pioneer in her own right, Author SuZ believes there is so much MAGIC, inner knowing, curiosity, and intuitiveness in each of us to transform the world! Always on the cutting edge from Madison Avenue after college to her current stint of inspirational authoring and mentoring, SuZ is always on the lookout for ways for you to shine your LIGHT.

She lives in Winchester, Massachusetts while enhancing her creative juices in Savannah, Georgia.

She has two grown daughters. Guild is a dreamer and innovator, visionary, and expert cheerleader at making YOUR DREAMS come true!

Mentoring Packages

Sometimes we need a gentle nudge (or someone to hold your hand) to acknowledge our deepest dreams, and to go ahead in a fun creative way. Is there something gnawing on your sleeve you wanted to share to add value to the world?

Let’s work together!

Personal Growth Illustration

A Fresh Perspective

Are you stuck and looking for someone to motivate, support, and inspire you?

World Mental Health Day, Cartoon Brain in Hands Ribbon Card

change your mindset, Change Your wellbeing

Looking for a new thought process for your well-being?

Ladder to the Clouds Dreams

Make Your Dream Come Alive

Do you have a secret dream pulling on your sleeve?

Personal Growth Illustration

A Fresh Perspective

45 Minute Mentoring Session

Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to our ideas, to hear our languaging, (what we say out loud and to ourselves) and our ho ho hos and woes to move forward. Author SuZ‘s creative lighthearted expertise in the intuitive arena coupled with faith in the unseen realm puts more pep in your step, clarity, and visibility in your day to jump start your dreams and goals. She motivates clients to a whole new conversation of inspiration for their dazzle dream to come true.

Author SuZ’s Five-Step Wake Up Your Magic Process, acts as an invisible magnetic force, manifesting results almost like magic.

Sign up today and receive your three questions to start the magnetic process!

World Mental Health Day, Cartoon Brain in Hands Ribbon Card

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Wellbeing

Mentoring Package

Three one hour phone sessions over six weeks

Set a proactive path forward for a happier, healthier life, you know in your heart what feels right and resonates with your soul. Feel ageless in mind, body, and spirit through fun interactive processes from The Way Towards Health Book and Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon Book. Heal It Forward.

This package is based on The Seth Book, The Way Towards Health by Jane Roberts and Wake Up Your Magic’s Your Cells, and The Mighty Crayon studies and research. A free book will be mailed prior to the first session. Please give us a mailing address when you sign up. Jane Robert's book is recommended though not necessary.

This mentoring package from SuZ is right for you if: You are open to shifting your mindset for a healthy, happier life. You want to create an awareness of what your body, inner dialogue, and cells tell you. You want to feel better but no intervention or lifestyle change has helped you on this path.

Ladder to the Clouds Dreams

Make Your Dream Come Alive

Three, one-hour phone sessions over three weeks

Do you have a secret dream pulling on your sleeve? Join me to feel empowered and let your inner wisdom give you answers the logical mind cannot conceive of. No more rubber-stamped solutions or perfect 10-step programs. You will be guided by allowing your unique expressive nudges, creative play, and synchronicities ** to lead the way! Day by day, week by week, we create magic from the inside out to put the fun and the joy back into your long forgotten dream. Sometimes what you need is right in front of your nose. Make your dreams come true!

**Powerful creative 15-minute play segments between sessions (we devise together) tap into answers our overthinking minds can not imagine.

Your dream is one step away! Put your creative muse to work and sign up today to discover how everything fits together to honor and actualize that nagging hidden dream.


A Creative Guide for joyful living jam-packed with nudges, quotes, stats, research, and playful illustrations just for YOU! $15

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Facilitator Guide for the leader who wants to energize, renew, and restore fellow travelers for a life beyond their wildest dreams! $15

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Gentle Healing Book to awaken ~ access ~actualize your dreams and goals by trusting your inner voice. $15

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Handdrawn Organic Wall Shelf

The First "Wake Up Your Magic" book chronicles SuZ's journey from a deep slumber to a more enriched life. Let her steps help guide you to your path. $15

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Thirty-Day Journal to claim the life you dream of with focused inner connection – creatively infused energy. $15

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Manhwa Inspired Study Wall Shelf

Read More About Each Book

Your Cells and the MIGHTY Crayon

At last, a creative guide for joyful living jam-packed with nudges, quotes, stats, research, and playful illustrations just for YOU! Create magic from the inside out by using this inspirational toolbox of creative survival skills to move forward in these crazy times. Enchanting illustrations magnify each nudge, story, stat, and quote. Profound yet playful. $15

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Facilitator Guide for Your Cells and the MIGHTY Crayon

This is for YOU: The leader who wants to energize, renew, and restore fellow travelers for a life beyond their wildest dreams! This playful yet profound Facilitation Guide takes Business and/or Personal Groups on a journey of hope and magic to Make Dreams Come True. It is the FASTRACK that opens up a whole new way of Creating, Healing, and Inspiring while getting results the logical mind could never envision. $15

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The First 'Wake Up Your Magic' Book

Through the magic of upbeat poetic illustrated

verse, journey along with Author SuZ as her spiritual journey evolves! A gift favorite for those embarking on a new path from graduation to empty nesters to a new career. SuZ’s poetry is raw, poignant, deep yet classically simple, and pulsing with

joy as she gets to the core of our lessons of who are we, what are we, where we go, what spirit wants for us all guided with a Divine Flair! Poems that withstand time! Such a happy book! $15

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The Red Polka Dotted Pillow

Imagine putting your dreams under the pillow and finding them come true! Awaken, access, and actualize your dreams and your goals- to trust the wisdom of your inner playmate (your wise inner self) done alone or as a teaching tool in a group. Laced with extraordinaire illustrations of your heart person (see cover) scampering thru life done with verse and inner active activity! For a happy healthy perspective on life, Discover the real power of the mystical magical pillow! $15

Handdrawn Organic Wall Shelf
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Find Your Dancing Heart - A 30-Day Journal

Building on our own inner knowings of previous pages, day by day step by step manifest the YOU that you promised yourself to be. Having taught this book in many groups it is a favorite for entrepreneurs creating their marketing and innovative business plans with answers logical mind could never conceive of. And of course, it is perfect for charting a new life! Ideal for painting coloring or just plain ole fun markers, the thick papered pages are a delight to use! Most successful people journal and u can go too with a decorative touch! $15

Manhwa Inspired Study Wall Shelf
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