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  • The Magic Book

    Expressing truth and creativity through poem making woke up Author SuZ to find what she thought she had lost. Learn from her story. What are your hidden goals and dreams? What will make you move forward?

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    Price : $15.00

  • Find Your Dancing Heart

    Most successful people keep a journal! Thirty day journal to claim the life you dream of with focused inner connection – creatively infused energy.

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    Price: $15.00

  • The Red Polka Dotted Pillow

    Make dreams stuffed under the pillow for years come true. Let your inner playmate (gut instinct) - the illustrated heart character - reveal joy in play. Create inner peace in turmoil. Transform anger, fear and pain into forms that nourish the soul.

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    Price: $15.00

  • Your Cell and The Mighty Crayon book

    Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon

    Change your focus, change your life!

    Nudge by nudge, let the mighty crayon guide you to the life you promised yourself you would live. Create magic from the inside out by using this inspirational tool box of creative survival skills to move forward in these crazy times. Enchanting illustrations magnify each nudge, story, stat and quote. Profound yet playful.

    This is not a coloring book. Instead, it is a book to make you THINK, to bring HOPE, and INSPIRATION in a light­hearted fashion. It is my dream to see this on coffee tables, at bedside, in doctors' and dentists' reception rooms, in art studios, offices and classrooms. Of course, if you choose to doodle, daddle, color and play, feel free to do so!

    Note: a portion of all Wake Up Your Magic profits go to Mighty Crayon, a non proft in Seattle run by 15 year old Diya Garg, with the purpose refurbishing crayons from restaurants for low income children. Such a worthy cause!. 

    Price: $15.00
    Autographed by SuZ. Quantity discounts are available. contact us for more information.


    Make Your Gift Special
    The Mighty Crayon Gift Bags, for both under the Christmas Tree celebrating the New Year 2022, are available with a selection of eight designs. contact us for more information.


    This eye opening booklet gave me a fresh perspective to look at my illness. - RF Newton, MA
    Fantastic new creation... I read it cover to cover this morning and await creating in it, today! - T. E. Winchester MA
    Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon is a portrait of 20 years of Wake Up Your Magic and just why Creativity Makes Life Better!. I just bought The Red Polka Dotted Pillow Book, (one of my favorite presents) with the new Informative Booklet to compliment my gift. Connecting our cells to what we do, think and say opens the door to REAL HEALING. Thank You. - D.M. North Reading, MA

Mentoring Packages

  • "Why Shine Your Light?" Mentoring Session

    Price : $45.00
    One-on-One, single 45 minute session with Suz!
    More information on the Magic Mentoring Page

  • Dream Big with SuZ!

    Price : $129.00
    90 Minutes – one hour in person and 30 minutes follow up phone call. Includes coffee and creative materials. Magic Mentoring Page

  • “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Wellbeing" Mentoring Package

    Price : $199.00
    3 (one hour) sessions in 3 weeks
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  • "Get Back in the Driver's Seat!" Mentoring Package

    Price : $199.00
    3 one hour sessions in 6 weeks
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  • Gift Baskets

    Nourishing healing gifts for everyone uniquely inclined. Filled with Wake Up Your Magic! product and creative surprises. We customize gift baskets. Starting at $45.00

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  • Inspiration Gift Bag

    Make this a gift to yourself or to someone special - to fully embrace the magnificence of a fresh start. Tap into your own Divine Power to better ideas, decisions, and a fresh perspective the logical mind cannot conceive of. Now is the time to live the life you have been promising yourself.
    Features a Hand Drawn Gift Bag with colorful tissue paper accent and the following:

    1. Our updated The Your Cells and the MIGHTY Crayon” Mini-Book. This mini-book represents everything Author SuZ believes and teaches to serve as your foundation. Features quotes, studies, stories, and facts to make your dreams come true.
    2. “Find Your Dancing Heart” 30-day inspirational journal. This creative journal uses the power of repetition to give that little nudge that you need to build a plan that will align with 'you' for 2021. That is the MAGIC!
    3. A refrigerator memo pad. When the time is right, the details will unfold. Most of us run around desperately trying to fit the mold.
    4. Colorful gel pens

    SALE $20.00 (valued at $40)


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"The minute I saw SuZ’s Wake Up Your Magic videos and TV appearance on You Tube I knew that she is a 'rare light' emulating extraordinary gentle healing. Allow your soul to glow, create and expand in her Heal From Within Circle Power communities." SARK - Succulent Wild Woman - [ See More Testimonials ]