Wake Up Your Magic FAQs

I am a dreamer, a creative, an innovator, imaginer, doodler, and an expert in making sure your wishes and goals come true. I pull out all the tools to move you forward in an empowered way whether you are using my mentoring program, group packages, books alone or listening to me online. 

My love for the business world and marketing started early with a business degree at university, first job on New York’s Madison Avenue and later as a sales pioneer in hotel sales, office supplies, and office furniture breaking glass ceilings. Thus I am able to mentor a client from the birth of an idea to the finished product.  

I believe you are a star, a shining star that is what you are!
Wake Up Your Magic is for people 16 to 116.  Some say it is for the grown up kid. Others say this work brings out the passion, wonder, awe and curiosity children pose, making adults sparkle in a whole new way.
Clients report they find Wake Up Your Magic compliments traditional therapy methods. People love it because their creative muse becomes the therapist guiding them to their expertise / new choices versus being told what to do. 

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As a busy working professional and Mom, SuZ did not feel she fit the mold. There was what she calls a ‘pulling on her sleeve’ little did she know; her soul was calling out to her “come share the light”. From that empty space, SuZ turned inward. She co-created with her creative muse to pair poetry writing and creative inquiry.  Thus Wake Up Your Magic was born.  

A few years later when SuZ was struck by Polymyalgia Rheumatica, she was angry, frustrated, and hurting with pain. It was at this time she began working on the Red Polka Dotted Pillow Book. She realized that creativity saved her life because it allowed her to focus on living meaningful adventure rather than being constantly irritated. 

From a happy place, empowered by the process she now teaches, SuZ attracted the right doctors, the right bodywork and much more.  Today she hardly remembers the tough times. SuZ says “the creative process keeps me alive, and as I share my confidence in the process, my clients get stronger. My vision is clear: the creative process is life changing.” 
Clients report they find Wake Up Your Magic compliments traditional therapy methods. People love it because Sometimes all we need is a poke or prod - a little nudge in the right direction to get us going where we need to go. At one point, Suz needed someone to hold her hand through the process of regaining her health, and a cheerleader to help her dive into her creativity and unleash its magic in her life. As a Mentor think of SuZ as a guide, a Creative Catalyst for Personal Growth to cheer you on. 

Many times people mistake SuZ as a creativity coach that wants people to become a Picasso, or an artist perceived as being massively creative. Instead, SuZ is here to help you get in touch with YOUR creative muse to live the best life you can, and unleash your full potential.  This creative muse lives inside each and every individual, and through her special processes SuZ guides people to life changing solutions for reaching their full potential.
She is fun, alive and pulsating with joy as a natural intuitive cheerleader. She draws out the creative potential inherent in each individual, gets excited by your progress, supports people, sees their potential, and sees their greatness. She encourages the best in everyone, and has her own special way of drawing that out.
If you choose a mentoring package or session with SuZ, you get personalized, step-by-step guidance to unleashing your full potential with her proven process. You’ll combine the power of tapping into the creative mind and its messages with the power of positive thinking to discover hidden gifts, talents and dreams that the logical mind can’t even conceive of.  Creative, interactive exercises (sometimes called Creative Inner Play) like affirmations, storytelling, doodling, coloring or writing lead the way. 

The right mindset is key to establishing  the tone to go beyond the logical mind, and to tap into it, SuZ might even suggest that you do silly things. The most important ingredient is in the doing that happens with participating in the creative interactive exercises.
Read them the words to the Aladdin song, A Whole New World. and have the client sketch  whatever comes to mind. This can seem a bit frivolous at first, but doing this over and over again with other songs, poems from SuZ’s books, and pertinent metaphors that make life better is very powerful. It’s not a linear process, and each Mentoring Session is energetically customized for YOU.
Well, this is best answered in SuZ’ own words. Here’s what she says. “I hope you’ll choose everything! 

If I was young and had some dreams pulling on my sleeve, I’d do the Freedom 15 Package first.  Upping self esteem, adding clarity and confidence to your goals, and really deciding where to go next based on your gifts and talents is such a powerful experience. 

Then I would do Ageless Magic Mentoring Package.  This mentoring program takes clients on a journey that helps them to be more proactive towards their health and belief systems. It challenges what you may have been taught as a kid, and your thought patterns to transform the frameworks you operate from

I would do the Magnetic Magic as a tune up reminder and last the Dream Big with your very own marketing strategies thrown in either by phone or over coffee”.
You don’t have to know what your gifts and talents are to benefit from Wake Up Your Magic. So many people don’t know all their gifts.
The most amazing thing about Wake Up Your Magic is that by working with SuZ, you learn how to uncover your hidden gifts and talents, and then you move forward with a whole new perspective. And SuZ is with you on the journey!
Capture your creative muse for 15 minutes for 15 days.  It is a time devoted to a creative project that SuZ and her client mutually agree on to bring about lasting change.  It could be writing a page of a book, illustrating a flyer, or doodling your dreams. The specific project is less important as long as pen, marker or paint brush are happily engaged for 15 minutes, no more and no less, every single day of our work together. It is the Magic Elixir for the Freedom Mentoring Package.

Fifteen Minutes is all it takes to shift your mindset, boost your self-awareness, and enter a place of stillness where all the true answers reside, leaving “your thinking mind” behind. Remember the power diminishes when you exceed 15 minutes. The big benefit of stopping and picking up the next day is that fresh ideas continue to emerge.