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New This Year!

  1. Transformational Gift Bags are a hot item. Choose between: MAGIC 2x2 Bag jammed packed for you and a Colleague/Buddy to Make Your Dreams Come True or Play today Get Answers Tomorrow Bag filled with individualized product to Create Your Best Life Yet.
  2. More economical shipping offered for US residents with Media Mail to save you money.
  3. Our new Magic Mentoring Three Session Packages combine Creativity, Power of the Mind and Preferred Action making you smile from the inside out. Choose FREEDOM 15/3 and Paths Towards Health!. Check out the Mentoring Page for more details.
  4. Wake Up Your Magic for Kids? I am currently taking a course developing a Picture Book a month. Can’t wait to see where this will take me after my forced five month sabbatical with a broken shoulder. Stay tuned to some fun products.

Don’t drop the ball!

Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon

The Mighty Crayon is making it's mark!

Hospitals and waiting rooms love this new booklet that explains the power of Coloring that is all the trend now - for Adults or any age. Learn more about our Heal It Forward Program.

"What others are saying: 'The Wake Up Your Magic TELE-SHARE 45' with Author SuZ is an enlightening experience, filled with wisdom and inspiration to carry each of us to another level. The Wake Up Magic Lady is a fabulous hostess, as she gently guides her listeners through the call. I am amazed by her intuitiveness covering materials and topics that I needed to hear at that moment in time. With joy and appreciation" Angela Kowitz Orobko, Ed.D. 1-757-868-8805 - [ See More Testimonials ]

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