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Wake Up Your Magic Mentoring

"The Wisest Men Follow Their Own Dreams" -Euripides

Magic Mentoring Sessions

  1. Ignite you passion
  2. Explore who you are
  3. Find what you need

What we resist persists. Nothing changes without that first step. Let the wisdom and divine guidance of your creative muse take you where the logical mind could never conceive.

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  • FREEDOM Mentoring Package

    Receive life changing solutions the logical mind can not conceive of:
    1. Let your heart sing for an aliveness, a joy , an exuberance to make life sizzle.
    2. Bring your "inner magic” to life to uncover the sense of freedom you always promised yourself you would have.
    3. Engage in a daily 15 minute activity pre-determined by our time together to put your life on track.
    4. Play today get answers tomorrow for a fun based six weeks.

    You will see your self-esteem build, distractions fade, positive beliefs strengthen, inner critic screams dim, stories change, and magic truly happens!

    FREEDOM Package - $199.00
    (three one hour sessions in 6 weeks)

  • Paths toward Health! Mentoring Package

    In Paths to Health! you will experience a more empowered life beyond what the logical mind suggests! Creativity and the power of the mind act as compelling vehicles to take you back to your true essence of healthy being.

    1. Experience an empowered lifestyle beyond what the logical mind suggests
    2. Practice radical self-care based on scientific studies in YOUR CELLS AND THE MIGHTY CRAYON BOOKLET
    3. Learn healing tools beyond traditional modalities
    4. Develop an acute awareness of how your cells react to creativity and so much more!
    5. Heal It Forward with the Mighty Crayon for a fun-based six weeks

    Your Cells and The Mighty CrayonBased on Your Cells and The Mighty Crayon Booklet research, statistics, and practical examples. You will get a free booklet prior to your first mentoring session.

    Paths to Health! Package - $199.00
    (3 one hour mentoring sessions in 6 weeks)

  • TELE45 Mentoring Session

    Unearth your very own answers and solutions beyond your wildest dreams. Together we build an action plan to say yes to life - a life that works for you. Each tele-session is 45 minutes.

    You are special. Take that all important step to Create Your Best Life Yet.
    Bring your imagination, favorite magic markers and YOU!

    TELE45 Mentoring Session - $45.00 each
    (45 minute session)

We used to think of creativity as the province of artists, musicians and writers. Now we are waking up to the fact that all facets of modern life demand creative input. Shelley Carson, PhD author Your Creative Brain and psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University

Creativity Expression*

  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Improves immune function
  • Naturally relieves pain
  • Results in fewer doctors visits and lower medication use
  • Improves outcomes in patients with cancer
    *Lissa Rankin, MD - author Mind over Medicine 2013
  • "Working with SuZ, step by step and week by week, clarifies what I want to do next, and brings focus of getting it done." Business owner, Andrew Winig Arlington, MA (781) 646/5543 - [ See More Testimonials ]